There is a lot of mixed opinions on baptisms (sometimes called christenings), For me personally it's important that Emily is baptized, it's a chance to welcome her into the church, and say thank you for having her. I don't attend church every week, and by no means would I preach my religion to other people. In my mind and the way that I was brought up, religion is a personal thing, something you don't need to broadcast or tell everyone about. It was always my intention to get my child baptized, even though Sam wasn't baptized and isn't religious, he knows how important it is to me. 

Recently I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps, and many things have been going more wrong the right. Yesterday I spoke to the vicar at my church, and he agreed to baptize Emily. I'm so glad that it is him that is baptizing her. More of a sentimental thing than anything else, The vicar baptized me, and my brothers, he was also the one who married my mum and dad. Then to top it of, my Nanna said I could lone the dress I wore for my christening. I know it may not be to everyone's taste but to me it is the most special and gorgeous dress I could hope for my daughter to wear. As I have said, I wore the dress, but so did my Aunt, and my cousin, and my Nanna wore it herself too. So it is a very loved and family air loom if you like. I put two pictures on here, just so you can see how gorgeous it actually is. I love the lace detail.

Baby, house and blog news!

Well it actually seems like it is a lot longer then it has been that ive been gone, I have missed blogging, but at the same time so much has been going on that I welcomed the break. This is going to be a catch up, and believe me when I say there is a awful lot to catch up on, so sit tight, grab a brew, I'm having a nice one as I write this.  I'm sorry if i ramble on a little bit, I can't help it I've missed being able to sit and blog.

Baby news!
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, You will be well aware that I gave birth to the most beautiful and perfect little girl! Emily Anne. I had her on September 12th at 16;38, weighing 6lb 13oz Considering she was 5 days overdue I think she was pretty little! I didn't have a great labour, which just matches my pregnancy. I will be posting my labour story later for those who are interested. Becoming a mummy has been the most amazing, but challenging experience of my life - but I wouldn't change it for the world. 

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