39 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 39 weeks
Total weight: 96  kilos
Stretch marks: yes. 
Best moments this week: Making it this far, It is such an accomplishment considering how much we've been through in this pregnancy, I didn't think that the end would be in sigh!
Miss anything: I have said it in previous bump updates and people have mistaken me for being selfish, but that is just them taking it the wrong way - I miss my body, now I know your thinking I mean my figure and whatever, But it isn't that at all. I miss being healthy, and happy! Pregnancy hasn't been easy, and sadly I really haven't enjoyed it, I tried my best to embrace it, but it just isn't for me I guess.
Movement: Baby E has been quite active this week, but in a different way, I feel like the kicks/movements are more in my back then my tummy like they were before. I know for sure the one thing I will miss about pregnancy is knowing that she is safe in my tummy, and I can feel her moving around. I'm sure once she's born I'm going to be a mess with worrying about her. 

Gender: Girly
Labour signs: I've had niggles and I feel like I have lots of pressure down there, and a lot of SPD pain. Which makes it so painful when I walk about.
Symptoms: Morning sickness every day this week! I thought I had finally got rid of it and that part of my pregnancy was over, but sadly not. My Nan then kindly informed me, she, in fact, has morning sickness all the way through her pregnancy, even during labour. Definitely, something I'm hoping doesn't happen to me.
How do I feel: I'm very bored, I'm also feeling more and more depressed as time goes by. I just want her to be here now so I can get on with settling into parenthood and get some kind of structure and routine in place. At the moment I feel so out of sync, I'm hardly sleeping and when I do it is at random times, Meal times are just all over the place for me because the majority of the time I'm feeling to sick to actually eat anything.
Belly button in or out: In!
Wedding ring on or off: Off
Cravings: chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches, and pineapple still - I ate a whole pineapple to myself last night. oops.

How your baby grows
Week 39: Meconium, a greenish-black substance made of a waste material, is accumulating in your baby's intestines and will form her first bowel movement.  

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