Meeting my soul mate

How we met
I was up playing xbox one night, with one of my friends - Bridget. We were playing Call of duty: black ops 2 (incase you were wondering). The thing about Bridget is she is the most random and unexpected person I know, She gets the most random idea's and goes with it. Which is what happened this night. She had created herself a meet me profile (previously known as myyearbook), and enjoyed telling me all about it. She decided it would be a fantastic idea to create me a account, sigh, I figured that it would just be a better idea to let her run with it, run its course, after all I could go and delete it later. I didn't actually go onto the profile that she created for me for about a week, once I did I was absolutely disgusted. You don't realize how many disgusting people have a profile on that website, its a sex obsessed thing. There is lots of people on there (since they changed it to meet me) looking for girls to chat up. I received about 25+ messages in the week period that she had set it up for me, and they were literally 'send me a picture' and 'do you want to dirty talk'. I can't even tell you how sex obsessed both the men and females were on that site. I decided to look through the messages, and delete them. Then I was seriously considering deleting the profile itself. While I was searching through the messages I came across one from Sam, it said "hello ^.^" 

I messaged him back and we started talking, I don't know why I replied, I just searched through all the crappy messages, and his was the one nice one that made me smile, so I thought why not message him back, at least he wasn't mean to me or rude! I'm so glad that I chose to message him, After sending a reply I looked at his profile, had a nose at his pictures, and I just knew I wanted to know more about him. Plus I thought to myself, he's got absolutely gorgeous eyes! We started messaging to the point where I was going on this website every day, and spending nearly all day on it replying to his messages. So I gave him my number, I used the excuse that I didn't want have the meet me profile anymore, which worked. We we're talking for about 3 months, Over that 3 month period we got to know each other really well, and he learnt all my problems and struggles. Things I didn't necessarily want him to know, but in the end it was for the best that I did confide in him. Sometimes its just easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you, or the situation.

Sam was honestly my Savior, he was there for me when I needed him, helped me through everything, all my personal struggles, and the best thing about our relationship, was Sam knows everything about me and even though he knows all the bad stuff, he stood by me and loves me. That's what true love is, trust is so important, and I think that people take it for granted. 

Anyway, the first time we actually met was in January 2013, Since we had gotten to know each other so well through the internet, text messages and everything else I was really nervous. I was thought it would be really awkward, but surprisingly it wasn't we clicked straight away. There was no awkwardness, and I wasn't shy at all like I thought I would have been. I felt like I had known him for years!

The first night we met, he ended up staying with me, to be completely honest, I knew straight away when I looked into his eyes, he was the one for me, we were meant to met. It was kind of like fate. I know there is a lot of varied opinions and not everyone believes in fate, or love at first sight, But I do. Anyway, that is how we first met. 

P.S By the way! I know meeting someone online in person can be dangerous, I'm not silly. Before meeting Sam, I spoke to him on the phone, we video called, and we were talking for a long period of time before actually meeting in person. When we did meet in person - It was a public place! So if your planning on meeting anyone that you don't already know, or haven't met before, make sure you let people know where your going, or take someone with you. 

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