The C word

They're singing deck the halls, but its not like Christmas at all, I remember when you were here, and all the fun we had last year, Christmas, putting lights on the tree, Christmas, I'm watching them shine, Christmas, you should be here with me, Christmas, mm baby please come home...
I'm sorry, I cannot contain it anymore. I have tried, but I can't. It's the C word. It's been eating at me for days. By C word I mean CHRISTMAS! One thing you may not know about me is I absolutely love Christmas! It's my favourite time of the year. I love purchasing gifts, decorating my house, then I end up doing my mums, and my aunts, sometimes my Nan's. Yes I'm a little bit over the top, but why not? I bet you have something you get excited about to, for most people it's birthdays, I don't like mine so for me it's christmas, and you know what - I'm absolutely fine with that!

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people, but to me its all about family. Realizing what you have, making the most of everyone being in one place at once, and having fun. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love gift giving, but i think family is something people always forget. I also think with this year being baby E's first Christmas it makes it even more special! Last year was mine and Sam's first Christmas together, and it was packed full of things to do. We visited winter wonderland in Hyde park, We went and saw the coca cola lorry on tour, lots and lots of Christmas shopping, and we decorated our first Christmas tree together, and we also went to see the Christmas panto of snow white.

I already have a few Christmas traditions that have been going since i was small, and i really hope to keep them going when Baby E is here. I think it is important to have family quality time, and having these traditions keeps that alive. 

Decorating the tree: I have always decorated the tree with my dad, but now he decided that I'm to grown up to do it with and it's down to me and Sam now, Which I'm obviously fine with, but I think decorating the christmas tree should be done in style, and a thing you do as a whole family. Picking out the decorations together, and decorating the tree whilst listening to Christmas songs is definitely a must.

Christmas panto: Every year since I can remember we have always gone to watch a christmas panto. I think they're lovely, and I've seen most of them, Peter pan, Snow white, Cinderella. This year Baby E will only be 3 months old (ish). So she'll definitely be a bit too young, so I think we will give it a miss.

Christmas eve: Christmas eve is family time, We always get in our pj's watch Christmas movies, and have a picnic style dinner. We usually give one gift the day before Christmas as well. Last year i made everyone little baskets, which contained Christmas pjs, socks, a movie, and some chocolate. They went down a hit and i think ill be doing them again this year.

Baking: Every year I make ginger bread men or shortcake cookies on Christmas eve, and this year will be no exception. 

What Christmas traditions do you have, if any?

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