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Being a first time mum, the hardest thing is knowing what to pack for the hospital, as you may already be aware if your a regular reader - I have constantly been in and out of hospital during my pregnancy. So I think it is safe to say I have my hospital bag down and sorted! I actually got my bags ready when I was 30 weeks pregnant, I'm just really slacking on my posts! I have read tons of posts by other mummy's and I have also read through the lists that stores advise that you can take with you (such as matalan, and mothercare). After all of my research, I have kind of complied my own little list. I divided my stuff into two sections, because it helped me stay organised and it's what worked best for me personally! Most of the stuff I already have packed because I've been in and out of hospital, I've kept a hospital bag with my bits packed constantly encase I need it

My hospital bag
Green notes
I take these everywhere with me already, they're really important and they're on top of my bag.

2-3 old/cheap nighties

I'd recommend having old or cheap nighties that you won't mind getting messed up during labour, obviously your going to be very hot and sweaty, It can also be very messy. After all you can be in labour for a long time. 
2 pyjamasYou'll no doubt want to get cleaned up after labour, so you'll need get freshened up and in clean pyjamas. I'm sure that will make me feel much better, I've put 2 pairs in because it's better to be safe then sorry.
Big old knickers
There is no point in buying new knickers or these disposable ones, I'd rather be comfortable. 
warm socks
you never know when your feet are going to get cold.
Dressing gown and slippers
The last thing your going to want to do is walk around in your socks or bare feet. Hospitals are meant to be clean, but my socks always come out black, yuck. You will also want a dressing gown, and that way you can cover yourself encase you have visitors.

Flip flops

You'll want flip flops for showering, I'm fussy and I don't really like the idea of lots of people using the same shower, especially strangers. Plus it is more hygienic. 
Comfy or nursing bra 
This one is kind of obvious and doesn't need explaining really.
Spare T-shirt (for your partner)
I'm taking this just encase he wants to get changed, who knows how long he will be at the hospital with you for, and they're hot places. 
I don't ever feel human if I don't have my own toiletries to hand.
toothbrush and toothpaste

Hairbrush and hairbands

Shower gel



Deodorant (I also have a mini deodorant for Sam to)
Make up - If you wear it, personally ill just be taking a little

Lip balm - apparently according to all the different things I have read, your lips dry out during labour, and the last thing you need is for them to get sore.
Maternity towels 
Baby wipes - it's not recommended to use baby wipes on babies, but it's worthwhile having them to hand for you.
Going home outfit - I've picked a leggings and long top combination for heading home, just because it's comfy and I am more of a comfort person then a fashion person.

Extra's you may want for labour
Water spray - This can be useful if you're feeling hot and bothered during labour
Birthing ball (optional) - The hospital may have one of there own
Tens machine (optional)
Books/Magazine - some reading material because you never know how long you're going to be in there for.
Food - You may want some snacks to hand, I'm taking some juices with straws. Also some chocolate, for energy and snack foods.
Pillowcase - As you may know I have really bad anxiety and depression, I really struggle with sleeping in new places. It is one of my major triggers. I always find it easier to fall asleep and chill out a bit better, if i take something from home with me.
Phone charger

Baby's hospital bag
5 baby vests and 5 sleep suits

Scratch mittens and hats
Socks and booties
Muslin squares
Minnie mouse sleep suit (this is Baby E's going home outfit)
In the background you can see her cupcake blanket

Nappy cream
Nappy bags
Cotton wool
Water wipes - you can use these as a alternative to cotton wool 
Cardigan with matching mittens, and bonnet - my Nanna knitted this which makes it even more special. I have tons of little cardigans that my grandma and Nanna have knitted for Baby E.
Red book - I recently met my health visitor for the first time, and she gave me Baby E's red book, which I will need to take to the hospital with me.

I have put all of these things in what will be her changing bag. Choosing a changing bag was a really hard decision. There is so many different styles and varieties. After much consideration I decided to use the Pink lining 'yummy mummy' one. This is a old design, it was previously one of my friends. I figured if I will use this one until I find one my heart is absolutely set on. Last but not least - don't forget your car seat!

Let me know if you think I have missed anything!

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