38 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 38 weeks
Total weight: 96  kilos
Stretch marks: yes. 
Best moments this week: Washing Baby E's stuff, I know it may seem like something silly and small but it made everything feel so real. I can't believe shes actually going to be here real soon!
Miss anything: People talking to me rather than my bump. I also miss sleeping on my back at night, It's too uncomfortable, with the extra weight of my bump, and the weight that I've gained on my boobs, when I do lay on my back I feel like I'm suffocating!
Movement: We had a little trip to the day unit again this week because the little lady didn't move for a whole 24 hours, I had another CTG, and wouldn't you guess it, as soon as they hooked me up to the monitor she kicked. Such a stubborn mo. I'm sure she just likes to make us worried.

Excuse my jumper! This is actually Sam's but none of my jumpers fit me now, and I was cold!

Gender: Girl
Labour signs: Lots and lots of niggles, and contractions - However they've still not progressed to anything and the midwife doesn't seem to be worried. Every appointment I get that little smile from the midwife, after feeling my tummy. She like's to tell me 'oh baby's heads down and engaged'. I'm honestly getting a little fed up with hearing that due to the fact it's been that way since I was 32 Weeks.
Symptoms: I am so tired, It honestly doesn't matter how much I sleep, it doesn't ease off. I don't think it helps that as soon as it gets dark I can't sleep. Day naps are just not for me either, There is no way I'm sleeping through the day! Also, morning sickness has made a return! For me, morning sickness has been the worse part of my whole pregnancy.
How do I feel: I'm bored and fed up. All of my false starts, and now E can come, she's being stubborn and deciding that she doesn't want to! Just like her daddy. I Also feel like a whale and like I'm about to pop at any second. I wish she would just come now, I'm so anxious to meet her, and I know all my family want to meet her too. The one thing that is really bothering me is the SPD pain, I've been really suffering from the pain, and it seems to be getting increasingly worse. I'm struggling to walk anywhere which is becoming a pain in the bum, and Sam keeps telling me to just stop if it's too much - but I refuse! I have to keep going else I'm going to be bored out of my brain.
Belly button in or out: In!
Wedding ring on or off: Off
Cravings: chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches (These have been my running craving for well over a month). I also am really craving Pineapple and cheese! (apparently, pineapple is supposed to bring on labour too - I'm sure that is just an old wives tale though)

How your baby grows
Week 38: As she prepares herself for birth she will spend a lot of her awake time sucking her hands. 

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