35 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  35 weeks
Total weight: 94 kilos
Stretch marks: I do have stretch marks, although they don't really bother me, they do knock my confidence a little when I'm getting changed or whatever. However, they may fade after I've had Baby E.  
Best moments this week: Online baby shopping! I haven't really been able to go out or do much because I keep throwing up, and feeling genuinely poorly. So it's been really nice to have the laptop and buy things to make me feel better! Retail therapy.

Miss anything: I really miss feeling well, going out for the sake of it. I'm constantly feeling drained, tired, fed up, sick, and whatever else. It just is getting really annoying at the moment. Which makes me feel depressed, to be honest.
Movement: Baby E is kicking lots, which is a good sign, although the kicks are getting smaller. I think that's just because she's running out of room!
Gender: Girl
Labour signs: I've had some niggles but nothing to worry about.
Symptoms: sickness, tiredness, and I are very snappy. 
How do I feel: I feel really bad on the people around me, I'm constantly overreacting, or stressing over something small. I'm so hormonal, I just want to have her to be honest. Start getting back to normality.
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding ring on or off: off
Cravings: chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches! this is something I've been having for weeks and still not got bored of which is a surprise!

How your baby grows
Week 35: Her digestive system is almost complete and her lungs are almost fully mature.

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  2. So many of us with similar due dates just a couple of weeks apart - not long to go!



    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

    1. I know, there must be a baby boom! :) I'm already following you, have been since I started blogging, your blog is one of my favourites!

  3. Ooh you've made me want a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich now! Sorry to hear you're not feeling on top of the world. Don't feel bad though - growing a human is hard work! Hope you feel back to your usual self soon and, if you don't, then at least you're nearly full term and won't have to battle on for much longer. Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again. xx


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