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Recently there has been a lot of sales on, usually I write little wish lists, and they seem to be really popular posts, They're popular for me when i'm looking at other peoples blogs to. I think this is partly because I'm a really nosey person! Anyways, I thought I would take pictures, and let you view the little steals I made! There was lots of things that I lusted over, but then put back because they were similar to when I already purchased.

Minnie mouse dress and leggings | £7
This was a matalan purchase, I have a obsession with Minnie mouse, so when i saw this little ladybird dress, I just thought it was beautiful and could resist.
Minnie mouse top | £3 | leggings | £2
Again, both from matalan, and both Minnie mouse!
Dribble bibs | £1 
There is two in the set, and they were both from Tesco. I actually love the green colour, you would honestly be surprised at the bargains you can find and Tesco. The quality of there clothes are really good as well.
Purple boots | £2.50
I could not resist these, They were from mothercare. I got them in a size 6 months+. They're absolutely gorgeous, and the plumb colour is one of my favourites.

Minnie mouse set | £7
Another Minnie mouse item, I know. This was a three piece set, Sleepsuit, vest and a matching hat. It was from mothercare, and it is adorable.
Floral rabbit | £4.99
This was from mother care aswell, it's currently sitting in her moses basket. It matches all the bedding we have purchased for her, so I couldn't resist it.
Coat | £10
This was from next, its a little rainy day coat. Sam actually picked this.
I love my mummy top | £2
This was from next, Sam picked this too. Baby E doesn't actually own any items of clothing that say 'i love my mummy', they're all daddy things. This is just because i never see any mummy related items that I do like.

Green spotted dress and leggings | £7
This aswell was from next, The green is my favourite colour, and it was just adorable.
Minnie mouse dress | £10
This was another one from matalan. Minnie mouse again I know, but isn't it adorable!
Shoes | £2.50
These are the first size and are from matalan, I brought these for her christening. I know i am planning ahead but i figured that if i didn't buy them when I saw them then i'd loose them and wouldn't be happy with any other ones.
Umbrella jeans and greens | £5
These are from next, Sam picked the umbrella ones to match her coat, and the green ones I picked up because they are my favourite colour.

Hope you enjoyed my little haul. I just realized this is in fact the first haul related post I've ever posted on my blog, maybe ill have a couple more in the future!


  1. Love it! Love all the dresses and the raincoat - I really must buy a couple of them for my two for when the weather starts to cool down again x

    1. Thank you, I honestly can't stop buying cute little clothes for her! can't wait till she's here! not long left now. x


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