hello July

I cannot believe its July already, that means we're officially over half way through the year, how scary is that? before i know it Baby E will be here and it will be Christmas! At the beginning of the year I set myself some goals. they were:

One. Learn to drive
Two. Get another tattoo
Three. Go for a picnic
Four. Bring my baby into the world safetly
Five. Keep up to date with my blog
Six. Enjoy my maternity leave and get the house the way I want it before I go back to work

Seven. Go on holiday
Eight. Come off my anti-depressants without relapsing
Nine. Cook more home cooked food from scratch
Ten. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after the baby is born
Eleven. make her 1st christmas magical (even if she wont remember it)
Twelve. have a more positive outlook on life
Thirteen. Save better

I've already ticked some of these off, Wohoo! Five out of Thirteen isn't so bad.

Summer seems to be in full-swing, by that I mean the dreaded rain, although it's looking promising that the sun might break back through again. If i'm really honest, I prefer it when it rains. I'm not a sunshine kind of girl, the heat makes me grumpy, and agitated haha. However I hope it does improve because I really want a BBQ! I can also blackmail my family into it, seen as it is my birthday in 15 days. 

Is there anything your looking forward to in July? Do you have any exciting plans?


  1. It is scary how this year has gone by so fast! You've done a lot so don't beat yourself up.

    July means for me that it's my mother's birthday and my 1 year anniversary with my man :) xxx

    1. I must have baby brain, cause i completely forgot it's my birthday in July haha! Have you planned anything nice for you and your other half?


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