32 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight: 94 kilos.
Stretch marks: I have no more then I did last week, So I have been keeping on top of moisturizing. 
Best moments this week: Packing my hospital bag, it's made everything seem more real!
Miss anything: I miss my pre-pregnancy body! I miss my old clothes, everything is so uncomfortable, Not long left till little lady will be here, then I can concentrate on losing the baby weight!

Movement: Little lady has bounced back this past couple of days, become very active again, and she has been kicking so much, which is a good thing because it's like a little reassurance. Every time she kicks I know she is ok.
Gender: Girl
Labour signs: Luckily they have settled down, I haven't had any more contractions so far, and I'm hoping that it will stay that way for a little longer.
Symptoms: Tired, hot, fed up, and very snappy.
How do I feel: I feel really tired, I can't get enough sleep if I'm honest. I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that had been happening with the baby, I didn't think it was possible to worry about something as much as I have been worrying about this.
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding ring on or off: Off, unfortunately when I got admitted to hospital I had to take off my engagement ring because it was to tight, I actually cried. I haven't taken it off since Sam put it on, so it made me really emotional!
Cravings: I really fancy chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches all the time! I just can't get enough of them! I have been eating them all week, and I am still addicted!

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Week 32: All of your baby's five senses are working and she can now turn her head from side to side.

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