I have to admit that I am really not a fan of Birthdays, I love other peoples birthdays, Buying gifts and picking out pretty wrapping. Yet when it comes to my birthday I absolutely hate it. I could give you a list as long as my arm as to why I don't like them, but where is the fun in that! The one thing that bothers me the most about birthdays, is all of the attention is one you, people buy you lovely gifts, give you cards, money or whatever. Which don't get me wrong is really nice, but it leaves me feeling awkward and uncomfortable. I don't know why it has this effect on me, it just does.

33 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 33 weeks
Total weight: 94 kilos.
Stretch marks: I have no more then I did last week, which is a relief.
Best moments this week: Hearing little lady's heartbeat again, It's always nice to hear her heartbeat. It's reassuring, and I know that she is ok.
Miss anything: I miss feeling normal - by normal I mean feeling well. I don't think I have ever felt well since being pregnant.
Movement: Little lady is very active, every time she kicks it's reassurance that she is ok, it's nice to feel them kicks even if it does hurt me when she does kick. It hurts because her head is down, and she doesn't seem to want to budge anywhere else. I can assure you it is so uncomfortable when I walk too much!

32 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight: 94 kilos.
Stretch marks: I have no more then I did last week, So I have been keeping on top of moisturizing. 
Best moments this week: Packing my hospital bag, it's made everything seem more real!
Miss anything: I miss my pre-pregnancy body! I miss my old clothes, everything is so uncomfortable, Not long left till little lady will be here, then I can concentrate on losing the baby weight!

Catching up

When I first started this blog, I always said to myself that I would be nothing but honest, Even if it doesn't sound all that glamorous. These past few days have probably been the most worrying days I have ever had to deal with. Before you start reading, I just want to say please listen to your body, if you don't feel right it is always better to be safe then sorry.

On Thursday, we went shopping, It was a absolutely perfect day, Sam was off work, and we had some last minute things to buy, for the hospital bag, also bits and bobs that she still needed. Who knew you needed so much stuff. At about lunch time, I had said to Sam I wasn't feeling to great, and we decided to head home early. I had serious pains in my stomach, The only way I can think of describing it to you is like a stitch, but worse. If I turned, moved, walked, or even sat up after I had been laying down the pain would get worse. I was also feeling really tired and sick. I decided that I would wait it out and see if the pain went away, I was adamant that it was just a stitch, and it would be fine in the morning. Sam on the other hand wasn't so convinced. Being the worrier that he is, he took to google to investigate, he knows that I have a high pain thresh hold, and I wouldn't complain unless it was really bothering me. After typing in all the symptoms it came up with preterm labour. Sometimes it's known as Premature labour. I shrugged it off, said google always likes to exaggerate everything and ill see how i felt in the morning. With the promise that i would ring the midwife if it wasn't gone by morning - off to sleep I went. 

31 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 31 weeks
Total weight: 94 kilos, I've somehow lost .4 of a kilo but I've learnt to not worry about it anymore.
Stretch marks: I have no more then I did last week, I just find my skin is getting really itchy. So I have been moisturising lots.
Best moments this week: Packing my hospital bag, it's made everything seem more real!

4D Bonding Scan [29 Weeks]

Just before we went away on holiday, We had a 4D scan. As you may or may not know we previously paid for a Gender scan to be done privately (you can read the post here). We both wanted a 4D scan and decided that we would have one with the same company who previously scanned us, and I'm glad we did. It was completely the right decision. The sonographer (Jill) was the same lady we had before. Which was a nice little touch I was not expecting to be as amazed as I was, or as emotional come to think of it.


So you may have noticed that I was on holiday last week! I had scheduled posts for everyday last week, which I'm happy to say they all managed to post without any hiccups. The signal where I was was absolutely rubbish, which in a way was really good because it meant that no one could contact me, and I could have a proper break from blogging and social media and just relax. Although I did try to get on twitter a few times, and searched my blog to make sure stuff actually uploaded. Naughty me!

Maternity leave

As of Monday 23rd, i'm officially on maternity leave, eek that is a really scary thought. I know this sounds really bizarre but it made pregnancy really sink in for me. I sat there and thought 'i'm actually going to be a mummy, this is really happening'. 

30 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  30 weeks!
Total weight: 94.4 Kilos *pats myself on my back* I actually remembered to weigh myself! I'm still under my pre-pregnancy weight, but the dietitian said it's a positive step that I actually have gained something, and she isn't too worried.
Stretch marks: I have a few, but they actually don't bother me at all if I'm honest, I'm just grateful that Baby E is ok.
Best moments this week: Definitely has to be our 4D scan, I'm currently writing up a blog post about it, it will be full of pictures I promise. All I am saying is it was definitely worth the money, and am so happy that we actually went ahead and had the 4D scan. 
Miss anything:  strawberry and lime Kopparberg, Because we were on holiday last week, It made it harder, I think it is always harder when you know you're not allowed something. It automatically makes you want it more I think. What I would have done for a cider on the beach. There is always next year. 

hello July

I cannot believe its July already, that means we're officially over half way through the year, how scary is that? before i know it Baby E will be here and it will be Christmas! At the beginning of the year I set myself some goals. they were:

One. Learn to drive
Two. Get another tattoo
Three. Go for a picnic
Four. Bring my baby into the world safetly
Five. Keep up to date with my blog
Six. Enjoy my maternity leave and get the house the way I want it before I go back to work

Seven. Go on holiday
Eight. Come off my anti-depressants without relapsing
Nine. Cook more home cooked food from scratch
Ten. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after the baby is born
Eleven. make her 1st christmas magical (even if she wont remember it)
Twelve. have a more positive outlook on life
Thirteen. Save better

I've already ticked some of these off, Wohoo! Five out of Thirteen isn't so bad.

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