Wish list #2

Today is a little wish list, There's lots of things I've been lusting after during June, so I thought I would share it with you. Before you start reading, I just want to remind you - this wish list is so random! there isn't a set theme or room for the stuff to go into. Its just things I have seen and fallen in love with. 

Doormat - £9.95
I absolutely love cupcakes, and I think this doormat will look gorgeous as you step through the door, it will be a lovely welcome. I mean who wouldn't fall in love with this?
Mickey Mouse hand wash - £4.00
I absolutely fell in love with this hand wash, its a foam hand wash which is my absolute favourite, but if i'm honest it was the packaging that drew me in. I have already purchased this one from waitrose, it's a Lemonade one, it smells absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of a summery scent. 
Minnie Mouse hand wash - £4.00
When I got home from purchasing my Mickey Mouse, I thought hmm, there is never a Mickey without a Minnie! To my relief I was right, I headed over to there website and found that the Minnie Mouse hand wash was a strawberry fragrance. I want it so bad!
Malm chest of 6 draws - £75
I think these draws would complement the ones I already have so perfectly. I think it will be the perfect space to store my jewelry and make up.
Personalized make up bag - £27.99
I haven't seen a product like this before, you can attach your own photographs to the make up bag, I think its so unique. It would also make a perfect gift for someone.
Alex and Ani bangle - $28.00
Luckily I have found a shop that stocks and sells Alex and Ani in the uk. I absolutely love this bangle, I think its unique and I love the meaning that they hold.

I am so poorly mug - £3.95
This is such a cute little quirky gift, I have a person in mind who I could gift this too, it describes them so well and i'm definitely putting it on the Christmas gift list!
Cushions - 2 for £8 (£4.99 each)
Who doesn't love cushions? They're one of my favourite accessories to buy for home following candles. I think these are lovely.
Pandora home sweet home charm - £35.00
I love my pandora bracelet, there is so many different charms for my bracelet. I absolutely love this home sweet home charm, i think its perfect for a gift if your moving into your first home.
Pandora moment teal bracelet - £35.00
I absolutely love this new bracelet, its a beautiful bright color, I think its refreshing. I don't actually need a new bracelet, but a girl can want right?
Pandora baby girl charm - £35.00
I think this charm is beautiful, it has a little hand print on the front, and it says 'its a girl' on the back. Since finding out i was having a little girl i have been looking for a charm for my bracelet. I found this one and my heart is set on it.
Picnic hamper for four - £79.99
I know this one is a bit expensive, but I have been looking for a picnic basket for absolutely ages, and I found this perfect one. I have always loved picnics, I cant honestly tell you why, but I think they just make everything better. I might have to look for one a little cheaper then this, cause i'm pretty sure my better half wont let me spend that much!

I actually love making little wish lists; maybe because I can come back to them and remember all the little things I found and wanted! Hope you like my wish list, anything your lusting over?


  1. Those cushions are so sweet!!!

  2. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I loooove it!
    & So I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Visit my blog page for the blog post: https://enngigi.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/liebster-award-3/

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you so much :), will head over and have a little look!! x


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