Things they forget to tell you when your pregnant

Being pregnant is made out to be such a fabulous thing, you feel that little baby growing inside you. Focused on buying/finding that perfect outfit. It never occurs to you that it might not be easy sailing. Here's a few things i found that no one told me about.

Bump touching
Something I really wasn't prepared for, I didn't think it would effect me as much as it does. Suddenly everyone feels like they have the right to rub and pat your growing belly. Excuse me but did I miss the memo about loosing my personal space? Honestly it's like my belly isn't attached to the rest of my body anymore. The smiling and touching of the belly soon makes the conversation very awkward. It's always such a weird situation to be in, What do you say? Where do you look? What do you do? Smile like a numpty and hope they stop - yeah got it in one. 

Toilet trips
The toilet has literally become my best friend. I swear I've completely lost control of my bladder since I've been pregnant. 6-7 times during the night I get up to go for a wee, you suddenly loose all ability to hold it, when you have to go - it's right then. None of this hold it for 5 minutes. Then there's the fact you feel embarrassed because you loose count of the amount of times you end up peeing in your underwear while coughing, sneezing, laughing or throwing up. If that isn't bad enough, Baby decides it would be a fun game to kick you in the bladder, your then stuck standing cross legged about 10 steps from the toilet, to scared to move incase you can't hold it. Wishing he/she will stop kicking.

Did you see that?
Sometimes it feels like you have a alien baby in your tummy, With about 10 sets of arms and legs about to burst out of your belly button. Wriggling none stop that it makes you feel sick. The cheeky little wotsit might even use your ribs as a footrest - from the inside. I'm telling you, it's the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever experienced! Then you see a foot sticking out the side of your belly.

Short-term memory
What's that? You'll have no idea most of the time. My other half is always taking the Mickey out of me for forgetting something, or stating the obvious. Where's my keys? I remember looking everywhere, down the sofa, on the side, in my room. The answer turned out to be "in your hand".

Mood swings
Everything makes you cry, it doesn't matter how much of a strong person you are it'll happen. I seem to have adopted the saying "my eyes are leaking". It's like they have a mind of there own, even when I don't want to cry it happens. Then you get the questions, why are you crying? Are you ok? Then the patronizing "aww don't cry!". Do you think I want to be crying? I can't just turn it off, it won't stop!!! Now you've told me to stop it's just made me cry even more because I can't, and wham. now I'm mean, moody and fierce. My other half actually joked I should have my own warning sign. 

Simple tasks become impossible
You might as well purchase some nice slip on shoes, unless your lucky to have a lovely partner that will tie your shoes for you. Oh and you can forget cutting or painting your toe nails. Unless you've got someone else who will do it for you. As for shaving, oh you might as well just become a hairy beast now. That lovely bump your carrying loves nothing more then getting in the way. Can you even see your feet anymore? Didn't think so

Morning sickness
Whoever came up with the term 'morning sickness' needs shooting. They should have named it 'inconsiderate sickness' or even 'all day sickness'. It doesn't matter if it's morning, midday, afternoon, evening or nighttime - guaranteed you'll be throwing your guts up. Then once your feeling fine, you'll smell something and it will make you feel sick again. They forget to tell you your sense of smell is a lot better then it used to be. 

The one thing i found myself hearing the most was 'make the most of your sleep'. Well obviously when the baby's born shes going to cry, I get that, but that's normal. You expect it? So why do people feel the need to tell you all the time? it's so frustrating. Then there is the fact you get insomnia when your pregnant, you can never get comfortable, you are always too hot/too cold. How am i supposed to make the most of getting a good nights sleep when i cant get to sleep in the first place?

Anything that you found really 'grinds your gears' during pregnancy? Let me know, leave me a little comment below!


  1. Ah, mood swings. Bloody awful mood swings. For me, it's all about the hormones this time around - I actually sobbed listening to the new Eminem track on the radio the other day. New low. My husband finds the whole thing very amusing, which OF COURSE makes me rage - or cry, depending on my hormones and mood at the time. I exhaust myself never mind the people I live with! Thank you for sharing this fantastic list with the #BlogBumpClub! x

    1. My other half always find its amusing to, He isn't quiet about it when he starts laughing, So I can completely relate! Thank you for heading over and leaving your feed back, much appreciated!! x


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