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So this week has been the worst week of my life, I can honestly say i'm so looking forward to Friday. Sam comes back from working away all week on Friday encase you were wondering what I was on about. Why was this week so bad? I hear you ask, well let me tell you, I haven't felt so overwhelmed, upset, and anxious in quite sometime. Sadly, Anxiety never leaves you, I know its a popular assumption that it goes away, but it doesn't. You never get over it, and it never gets easier. I'm fed up of feeling the way I do, I wish I could change it but unfortunately I can't. I just have to live with it.

Positive things to look forward too..
Oh, hello to June! Can you honestly believe that we are half way through the year? It's crazy, before we know it Christmas will be upon us! My favourite time of the year - which is going to be made more special for the fact that it will be our first Christmas with Baby E, call me crazy if you like but I have already started shopping for Christmas. 

I'm generally looking forward to going away in a couple of weeks! It will be so nice to just get away from here, and be somewhere different. I honestly can't wait. Go to the beach, spend some quality time with Sam, it's going to be perfect. It will definitely de-stress the situation. 

Also, I'm having a 4D scan this month, we will get to see our baby girl. So expect lots of pictures in the near future! We are also purchasing it on DVD. Sorry for the rambles, just needed to get it all out there! 

Then it'll be my birthday, and before I know it Baby E will be here! 

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