Letters #3

Dear, My husband-to-be

I know this year has been kind of a whirlwind, Our plans got changed, and stuff got tipped on its head. I just wanted to write this because I feel like I don't tell you enough, how much you really mean to me. I'm so proud to call you mine, I want you for the rest of my life. I'm not afraid for you to know that. 

I feel like you've made me into a better person, I know I sometimes take you for granted, but I really don't mean to. I'm disappointed that we had to postpone our wedding, But it was for a very good reason, our little lady came along and turned everything upside down, plus I really don't want to be waddling down the isle. It doesn't mean I love you any less, it just means I want the day to be absolutely perfect for us. 

I know your worried about being a daddy, but I wouldn't have picked anyone else to father my child. Your so caring, loving and kindhearted. I know you would do anything for our little girl, you'd already do anything for me. I don't know anyone else who would go out at midnight to get me chips and milkshake from Mcdonalds because that's what I really wanted. When I first met you, I never in a million years thought that we would end up here, Pregnant with a baby on the way. Especially since we went through all that heartache to get here, And all the struggles we faced.

I once saw a saying that said 'If you had a son who was like your husband, would you be proud?'. Even though were having a girl, Honestly, I would be proud, that's how I know me and you are made to be. Your definitely my soul mate.

All my love always, Steph x


  1. This is the cutest post ever. Post more things like this because they definitely warm my heart in weird ways haha.

    Fresh And Fearless

    1. Thank you :) This is one of three already published. I have another one going up Friday. x


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