27 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight: still not sure :(
Stretch marks: I have a couple, but honestly they really don't bother me. Tiger stripes my nan refers to them as! 
Sleep: I'm still struggling to sleep, but Sam brought me a fan for the bedroom, which has honestly made all the difference!
Best moments this week: Finding a positive place in my own mind, I know its nothing baby related but it's the truth.

Miss anything: I miss Sam! He is home at night but it is literally just to sleep, and I'm grateful for that, but he's been working 13 days in a row with no breaks! His first day off is Sunday, My favourite day! So it will be spent cuddling with movies, food and not do much else, to be honest!
Movement: Oh little lady has got more hyperactive! I honestly didn't think that it was possible, but apparently, it is! I caught it on camera too, you can check it out over on my Instagram.
Gender: Girl
Labour signs: Too early
Symptoms: Sickness came back again this week, but I think that was because I was upset, and of course the heat doesn't help - but I now have a fan in my bedroom at long last! which has made so much difference!
How do I feel: This week has been hard for me, I felt a lot more anxious, but I have found a positive place, and I'm not giving it up that easy. If you want happiness in your life, you have to find it and keep it!
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding ring on or off: on

How your baby grows
Week 27: Thumb-sucking is now one of your baby's main activities, and this will help to strengthen her cheek and jaw muscles.

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