Reasons to be happy #3

Meet Toni. :) Toni's my best friend, we've been friends for 16 years this year! Did you ever meet someone who you just got on with? Well that is us, we grew up together, she literally lives opposite my house.

 We used to play games like '41 & out' anyone ever play that? Someone counts to 41, everyone hides then has it get to the post (or what ever you pick) and say 41 and in Steph! We played curby and thought it was the best game ever! Brought penny sweets from our local shop, a can of apple tango and watched crystal maze! Seriously we thought we were the coolest!

2006 - 15 years old!

Then came the teenage years! I remember the first time we got drunk, we were 16, we got drunk on wine (i think) at a anniversary party, when we got home we fell asleep on her sofa. After watching sing-along grease twice, whilst singing along! On another occasion, we got tipsy, made some strawberry cupcakes - they tasted like strawberry hubba bubba. When they were cooked they didn't taste so great! We then layed outside in the wet grass, and thought because it was so dark we would be camouflaged. Meaning our parents wouldn't find us. It might have had a slim chance of working if we wasn't in fits of giggles!

2010 - 18 years old 
Oh dear, legal to drink alcohol! Believe it or not we didn't go out that much, I'm not really a fan of drinking. Plus don't you think it was so much more fun when you are underage? 

Toni also decided she wanted to be a hairdresser. Now over the years she dyed my hair countless times. We dyed my mum's bath black. Bleached the bottom of my hair. Dyed it multiple colours. I'm naturally ginger, so I was always willing to change it. Ok I'll be honest I begged her to dye it haha. I became Toni's practice. She cut my hair more times then I can tell you, she also nearly knocked me out with a hair dryer once! This was the year I convinced her to chop my hair off! Which I quickly regretted, but it's hair, it always grows back! 

2011 - 19 years old
You would think by 19 I would have grown up abit more? Nope not a chance. My fondest memories of 2011 were.. We dyed my hair bright red, and her mums bath! Oops. We watched box sets of one tree hill, supernatural and the OC while colouring in disney pictures. Eating our weight in junk food, and complaining about relationships.

2012 - age 20
This was a hard year for me, I lost all of my friends. Apart from Toni. I barely saw her though, she tried to convince me to leave the relationship I was in but I couldn't. However she was the only one who stuck by me through everything!

2013 - aged 21

This was the hardest year of my life. I finally broke out of a 4 year abusive relationship, turned my life around and met Samuel. Toni was there with Disney films and pizza to pick me up when I was crying! Honestly I do not know what I would do without her. We always had different friends at school but she was always my best friend!

The main reason for writing this was because it occurred to me, the one person who has been through everything with me is her. The one person I depend on for girly chats is her.

I may not see her everyday, but I know she is always there for me, just like I would be for her. I think it's important that everyone has at least one person like that in there life!
Love you bestie!

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