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Since I found out I was pregnant, I have been looking through the various catalogues - Mothercare, Next, Babies'r'us the list is endless, searching for the perfect cotbed. I'm a pretty indecisive person, usually, i see something, umm and errr but leave the shop without it then regret it later. Recently I purchased her cotbed. It was the first one I ever saw in the showroom part of a Mothercare store. I looked, showed my partner, circled it in the catalogue, went away, looked around, and decided that this particular one was a little bit too pricey. £299 at the time. So I kept looking but my heart wasn't really satisfied with the various other styles I saw. I just know that was the one - you know when you just know? the feeling in the pit of your stomach?

This week, I popped in for a couple of maternity vests (i love the slouchy ones). while I was there I had a little nose around, to my surprise my cotbed was down on an offer for £199. I don't think I have ever been happier. So I ordered it and picked it up today. YAY for me. 

This is the one I purchased.. (Picture from

It's the children Sleigh cot bed in white. I personally think it is absolutely gorgeous. I have always been set on a cotbed rather than a cot - just because I think you'll get more use out of it, and its a tiny bit more practical. The other feature I really liked with this cot was it has three base heights which allow you to adjust the position of the base as the baby grows, the highest will obviously come in very useful when she is young so she can be taken out of the cot with ease. Then the lowest for when she's a little toe-rag standing in the cot trying to get out. (Can you tell I really cannot wait till she is here!?) The Chiltern cot bed also came with a large storage draw ^which you can see in the picture, It fits nicely under the cot and is on runners. I think this is going to come in really useful since I'm already accumulating lots of bits and bobs for little lady's arrival. Lastly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this cotbed comes with separate ends for when it is changed into a toddler bed and comes with teething rails.

They also sell this cot bed in a wood colour - called antique. It does look really nice in this colour also, however, i think white is more girly. It also matches with pink better than wood. Personal opinion of course.

When I got to the till's the staff in Mothercare were so lovely and supportive. I cannot praise them enough! They advised me to join up to 'my Mothercare' and on doing so they hand you a little pouch full of £150 of vouchers. I used one of these vouchers to get a further £10 discount on the cotbed. Every little helps. I think if you are a mummy or a mummy-to-be, it is definitely worthwhile signing up for these various different stores groups. They offer you lots of support and advise, they also send you details of great deals (via email - if you choose). You can sign up online or in the store. I am so happy with my purchase, I just have to find the right bedding set to match with the cot. 

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