22 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 22 weeks
Total weight: Haven't weighed myself this week - sorry guys!
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: I've actually managed to sleep really well this week, which is a relief! even though the weather is really bothering me at the moment, it's keeping me awake. is it just me or is it so damn hot?
Best moment this week: I have to admit, the best thing about this week has been buying lots of girly things! I'm the only girl in my family - no sisters, girl cousins, nieces. They are all boys! 

Miss anything: I miss being my own person, I found people seem to ring up to find out how 'we' are, then the whole conversation is about the baby. The other thing that seems to be bothering me a lot at the moment is, since I developed this little bump everyone thinks it is ok to touch it. Which by the way isn't cool. I would appreciate my own space, plus it makes the conversation following the uncomfortable bump-touching awkward. 
Movement: Honestly I think she is going to be a footballer, She is constantly moving, funnily enough it seems to be every time I eat (which isn't cool seen as i JUST got my appetite back)
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Pain: Nope.
Symptoms: well, well, well.. the morning sickness seems to be taking a back seat (woohoo) This means i'm starting to get my appetite back, but i still have an uncomfortable pain in my stomach - i'm kind of just learning to live with it now.
How do I feel: Really excited at the moment, i just want to meet her. I think i might be driving my partner insane because i keep saying 'only __ left'
belly button in or out: In

How your baby grows

22 weeks: If your baby is a boy, his testes are developing and primitive sperm has already formed.


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