Bank Holiday

I have to admit I have been a bit of a boring fart when it comes to being motivated to do things. However, we planned to go to London with my family for two days, staying overnight and it was planned ages ago - Therefore I couldn't back out. So off I went with as much of an open mind as I could.

By the time we got to London it was lunch time, so we got something to eat and headed over to Tower bridge. If you have never been to London before I'd recommend going to the tower bridge exhibition. You pay a small fee to go up the tower, you can walk along the walkways, then you can do down to the engine rooms to see how it all works. What I thought was really cool was when you purchase your ticket, they give you a little passport (if you have a small child with you - like we did) As you go around the tower they give you stickers that you stick into the passport to recreate a picture of the tower (set of 4). We then walked down the side of the tower and took some touristy pictures.

Next up was the clink prison, it was built on the site of the original clink prison. The museum was a lot smaller than I thought. It was packed with information and history. However, it felt a little unloved. It tells the scandalous truth of Old Bankside, the gruesome stories of the prisoner and features a hands-on torture chamber.

After this, we got some dinner and headed back to the hotel. I really needed the rest. Later that night we went on a bus tour 'see London by night'. It was a 90-minute sightseeing tour. The guide 'John' was hilarious, He was really upbeat and kept everyone laughing which was kind of an important thing considering we were on the tour for so long. We drove around on the open top bus (typical cliche touristy thing to do). We saw all the sites, Big Ben, The houses of parliament, London Eye, Tower of London to the marble arch.

The next day I made everyone trek over to the apple store, my phone charger cable broke - honestly me without my phone is like the worst situation you can possibly get. I also really needed a new pair of shoes - which I got from H&M, honestly they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! The reason for this was my feet got swollen - I was wearing my converse, and they fit me perfectly, just not when your feet swell.

Next up we went to the sealife centre, which is right by the London Eye. I'm going to let the pictures do the talking for me, I LOVED the aquarium, penguins are so so cute, and they came up to the glass to us.

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