I'm Pregnant! [6-18 Weeks]

 I am currently 19 weeks pregnant!

Pregnancy catch up... We found out that I was pregnant in December, 27th. I did a clear blue digital test which told me I was 1-2 weeks, honestly, I couldn't believe it. I was honestly so overwhelmed and made up! I also felt really naughty because I was drinking wine over Christmas time without any clue of the little babba growing inside me. EEEK! Sam was made up, I kept saying 'I'm not pregnant' and 'I can't be pregnant' so we took another test, which led to the exact same result. Positive.

The first tell-tell signs were I had morning sickness/nausea/cramping/fatigue. We went to the Doctors to get the pregnancy confirmed, The doctor weighted me (97 Kilos) he referred me for an ultrasound at 12 weeks and booked an appointment for me to see the midwife. 


How far along: 6-8 weeks
Total weight: I actually have to admit I lost 5 kilos - I now weigh 92 Kilos.
Stretch marks: none at the moment.
Sleep: I'm very tired all the time, I can't get comfy enough to fall asleep at the moment.
Best moment this week: We had our first ultrasound this week - at 6 weeks and 4 days. When you are this early on you cannot have a normal ultrasound, you have to have a trans-vaginal one - let me tell you, they are the most uncomfortable scan. I got referred for an early scan by the doctor because I was spotting, and had really bad stomach cramps, However, they said the baby looked good and everything seemed to be ok.

Miss anything: Food - I have absolutely no energy or appetite what so ever.
Movement: Not yet, it is still too early.
Gender: Unsure
Labour signs: Too early
Symptoms: Nausea/mood swings/very tearful/tired/lightheaded
How do I feel: I haven't been very well, I also got admitted to hospital and had to stay in overnight. I was very dehydrated because I have really bad morning sickness - therefore I can't keep any food or fluid down. I got put on a drip to try and re-hydrate me, they also tested my urine which came back positive for ketones. This meant that the baby was feeding on my reserve fat, which was a worry to the hospital, and they said I wouldn't get discharged until my urine was clear of ketones. 
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How your baby grows
Week 6: The baby looks a bit like a tadpole with a curved back and tail. The heart, which is the size of a poppy seed is now beating all by itself.

Week 7: The baby eyes, nose, lips, tongue and the first tooth buds start to appear.
Week 8: Most of your baby's internal organs have developed into their basic forms.


How far along: 9-12 weeks

Total weight: 88 Kilos - Unfortunately my weight is still dropping, the midwife and doctor reassured me that it can be normal in the first trimester of pregnancy due to bad morning sickness. However they are going to keep monitoring my weight, they have also referred me to a dietitian.

Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: I'm still really tired, I can't seem to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Best moment this week: This week we got to see you for the second time, It was our 12 week scan. The scan pictures came out really blurry because you kept wriggling, but we love you all the same and it's a good sign that you are restless. 

Miss anything: Not at the moment, I think it is due to the fact that I don't really have much of an appetite.
Movement: Nothing at the moment - too early.
Gender: We are hoping for a girl, but obviously we won't be able too to tell until I am at least 16 weeks.
Labour signs: Too early
Symptoms: Emotional, I cry at almost everything. I am also constantly thirsty. Unfortunately, I still have morning sickness.
How do I feel: Alone, I've always suffered from depression, but since I have been pregnant all of my emotions have seemed to amplify. Including my anxiety. The morning sickness is driving me crazy and it still hasn't calmed down which is frustrating because everyone keeps telling me it would have faded by 12 weeks.
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How your baby grows
Week 9: Although the baby's head is still large in proportion to there body, the baby is beginning to look a lot more human.
Week 10: Now known as a fetus rather than an embryo, the baby's eyes and nose are clearly Visible.

Week 11: The baby is rapidly growing now, and during this week the baby will almost double in length. 
Week 12: Fully formed from top to toe, the baby's development has now past its critical stage.


How far along: 13-16 weeks
Total weight: 87 Kilos
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: PERFECT! I have finally been able to fall asleep easily. I don't think I have ever appreciated a good nights sleep so much.
Best moment this week: Telling our friends and family that we are expecting. It was so hard for us to contain our excitement, but everyone has been really supportive.
Miss anything: I am actually really missing pâté on crackers. 
Movement: Nothing yet, I'm pretty excited for her first kick.
Gender: We will find out next week.
Labour pain: Too early
Symptoms: Slight constipation (I think that has to be the worst part of pregnancy) Nausea, I'm a little less tired, Very depressed.
How do I feel: I'm still feeling very poorly and nausea is still causing me problems. I also have a lot of pain and discomfort with my stomach, Also increasingly worried about the baby, I have been back and forth to the doctors constantly and they have no idea why I am in pain. 
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How your baby grows
Week 13: Although the baby isn't fully formed they can sense sound through vibration receptors in their skin.
Week 14: The baby's eyelids, fingers and toenails continue to develop, and hair is beginning to grow on the baby.
Week 15: Lanugo, Extra-fine hair that helps to regulate your baby's body temperature, begins to grow on their body.
Week 16: The baby is being very active, although you cannot feel them doing somersaults and rolling around because the amniotic fluid he's floating in cushions the movement.


How far along: 17-18 Weeks
Total weight: 90 Kilos
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: I'm still finding it quite hard to get comfy enough to fall asleep, but once I'm finally asleep I'm ok.
Best moment this week: Finding out the sex of the baby, We found out we are expecting a gorgeous little girl. We paid for a Private ultrasound - They can be pretty pricey, but I would definitely recommend it if you are like me and you weren't happy with your first scan. We had a normal black and white scan, Then we also had a 3D one. It was magical, the Lady who performed our ultrasound made the whole thing really relaxed. She didn't rush it, She also made sure that Sam was involved which to me is really important.

Miss anything: This week I really missed being able to have Fried egg on toast.

Movement: I keep getting flutters and what feels like butterflies in my stomach, However I know that is just her moving.
Gender: GIRL 
Labour pain: nope
Symptoms: I still have quite a lot of stomach pain, Nausea comes and goes - It isn't as bad as it has been in previous weeks but it's still there. I also have backache and pains.
How do I feel: I'm still feeling ill, being ill sadly means I can't go to work which in turn means I've been stuck in the house a lot. That makes me feel really down. I have started buying lots of little things for our baby girl. 
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How your baby grows:

Week 17: The baby's eyes are still closed, but she has eyelashes and eyebrows now.
Week 18: The baby is giving her reflexes a good workout, and you may feel a fluttery sensation as she moves around.


Now that you have had a chance to catch up on where I am with my pregnancy, I'm going to be doing weekly updates on a Friday. 

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