Puddle Splashing & Flower Hunting

Today the weather seemed to turn, the sun disappeared and the rain I've been wishing for just started to fall and I couldn't of been more excited about it if I tried. I absolutely love the rain and as much as it was nice to have such warm weather, I was so happy for a break in it. Emily has been whining and moaning for the past couple of weeks as there aren't any puddles for her to jump in. We had tried to create our own by chucking water on the floor but it been so hot that it literally just evaporated in seconds. Leaving me with a really grumpy child - with an attitude cause you know she's a threenager.

Isabelle's First Time On The Beach

We recently took the girls on holiday to one of our favourite places, Hemsby. Which is about five miles from Great Yarmouth. It's somewhere Sam and I have always gone, we have pretty much gone every year since we have been together. We stayed in a friends caravan and had an amazing week, it was even better because we had absolutely amazing weather. I never expected it to be so warm, but I'm glad it was because we had a really lovely time.

Siblings [July]

My girl's relationship seems to have really changed lately, they are both scrapping a lot more than they previously were. I'm not sure if it is the fact Isabelle is a lot more independent and on her feet lots more, or because Emily is on holiday from preschool, but it's driving me absolutely bonkers. They are still really loving towards each other and do get on really well, but they just seem to fight over the same thing constantly. I don't think that the age gap between them helps in the sense they are kind of into the same things, but Isabelle is more about bashing things and carrying them around, whereas Emily wants to sit and play using her imagination and she doesn't get much chance to with Isabelle stealing the toys as soon as she turns around.

Our Holiday - Hemsby, Great Yarmouth

I just want to say a little sorry right at the beginning of this post, as it's going to be quite picture heavy. I took a lot of pictures while we were away in Hemsby, and I love so many of them I really struggled to chop it down. We had an absolutely amazing time, we went for 5 day, 4 nights and I didn't want to leave. I didn't think that the girls would settle as well as they did in the caravan and thought we would be in for sleepless nights, but we honestly tired them out so much during the day that they slept like a dream. 

Celebrating Isabelle's First Birthday At Paradise Wildlife Park

Turning one is a big deal, isn't it? I'm a big believer that when my children are all grown up, they are going to look back on our days out, and the memories we made, rather than what presents they got. We had actually planned a trip to cebeebies land at Alton towers for Isabelle's first birthday, but it was so hot that we decided to give that a miss, as I couldn't imagine queuing for 45 minutes plus with two children when it is really hot. They would both be miserable and I know they wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

Giving The Girls Room A Makeover

Just before Isabelle was born, I decided to give the girls room a makeover, if As they will, of course, be sharing a bedroom soon, and their room used to be fairly dark and uninviting. I picked a really pale pink colour, which is almost white, and it really brightened up the room, not to mention the fact that almost all of their furniture is white. I adore the girl's bedroom it is definitely my favourite in the house, although it doesn't feel finished. 
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