Christmas Card Pictures

I spent my day taking the most beautiful Christmas card pictures, but when it came to actually editing the pictures I realised that Emily's ear was tucked behind her Alice band meaning it looked like she didn't actually have an ear. So I had to retake them - I also got a few cute ones the first time around which was disappointing. I'm glad that I did have to retake them tough, as the second lot I took I loved way more than the first lot. So I thought that I'd share with you my Christmas card pictures for this year. I actually brought some Christmas card frames in the sale last year, meaning I got 8 for 50p. I plan to use the free print app to print off the pictures, which means the Christmas cards will work out pretty cheap.

Playmobil Children's Playground [review]

We've never brought Playmobil before, for no reason other than it just wasn't something Emily had ever reached for, she was more into trains and babies than anything else, but as her imagination had grown she has started to reach for toys that inspire imaginative play more. We were recently given the opportunity to review a Playmobil Children's playground, and I couldn't wait to see what Emily thought of Playmobil.

Letters To Santa

With it being so close to December, the only thing that is on Emily's mind is what she would like from Santa, she also informed me that her friends have been telling her what is on their list, and she must write her letter so that she won't get forgotten - as if that would ever happen. I decided that we would use the Royal Mail Santa post this year, and I know that it gets extremely busy, and the deadline is December 7th.

Money Saving At Christmas

Even though it is just the start of December, I am happy to say that I am completely finished when it comes to Christmas gifts. Which means I can now spend the rest of December doing lots of fun festive things, without worrying about spending extra money on extra gifts. I had planned to save more this year, and not go overboard with the girl's gifts like I normally do, as I'm a sucker for buying things to keep adding to their list. With that in mind, I thought that I would share how I saved money this year.

A Creative Countdown To Christmas For Children

Every year, the countdown to Christmas starts just after Halloween. In fact, most shops begin to pack Christmas decorations at about the same time they bring pumpkins and skeleton costumes to the aisles, which can create a somehow disturbing ambience. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, you might be thinking of the Nightmare Before Christmas! But ultimately, this approach can somehow ruin the magic of Christmas. First of all, it starts far too early – seriously do you need to think about Santa as early as October? – and it somehow reduces the festive spirit to a commercial farce.

Looking After Your Car At Winter Time.

Since having children, our main priority has become their safety, especially when they are in the car. It took us absolutely ages to decide on their car seats, I spent hours, if not weeks looking at different types of car seats, all of their safety features, and reviews. We finally settled upon one, but I couldn't believe how look it took us to make a choice.
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