Peter Rabbit Party With Baking Mad

When baking mad asked us if we would like to host a party, at first I thought it isn't either of my childrens birthdays, so why would I wanna host a party. Then I thought about it, and knew it would be a perfect opportunity to give something back to the local group Emily, Isabelle and I attend each week. I have made some lovely mum friends - a thing I never thought I would do because of my anxiety, and Emily loves going. I knew I was onto a winner when they mentinoned cake - who doesn't love cake right?

Baking Mad have a selection of themes from Superheros, Unicorns, Pirates to Peter Rabbit. We went for a Peter Rabbit themed party, just because I think that it suited my girls age a little better, and who doesn't love Peter Rabbit? The cake kit contains the correct amount of ingredients that you will need to bake the cake, and a additional 12 cupcakes - minus the butter and eggs. The Peter Rabbit kit included flour, sugar, vanilla essence, icing sugar, fondant icing, a silver cake board, 24 cake topped, cupcake cases, cutters, and the recipe/instruction booklet.

Emily couldn't wait to get stuck in and help me, she absolutely loves making cupcakes, so I let her help make those - we made a dairy free version so her sister could have some too. I did however chicken out of letting her help me make the 'show stopper' cake. Just because I knew it was going to take lots of time, and concentration when it came to the icing. Emily loves baking but is more of a throw it all in at once baker. I must admit, once I looked at the design of the cake, I did get a little bit aprehensive and doubt my baking skills a little, but I'm proud to say I managed to pull it off pretty well. Emily liked it when she saw it in the morning and that's all that counts right?

Baking Mad kindly provided us with a few other items to suit the theme of the party at an extra cost. I recieved a beautiful cake stand, which was pretty easy to assemble and really stirdy, napkins, plates, party bags and invitations. I have to say they were absolutely beautiful, I did recieve lots of lovely comments on how beautiful the party bags were, we filled them with a few sweets, bubbles, and a little slinky - Emily's all time favourite toy.

I'm happy to say that everyone liked the cake, if they didn't they hid it really well from me and said it was nice. I tasted it myself and I was pretty impressed that I had managed to perfectly add just the right amount of butter cream and jam. I was a little worried the cake would be too sweet with that much buttercream, but it was perfect.

The kids had a fab time, they really enjoyed the party food, and cake. I put together together a little prize for pass the parcel - which they all really enjoyed playing. So a big thank you Baking Mad, we had a fab time!

The kit retails at £44.99 - but are currently 25% off making them £33.74. You can also purchase the additional accessories (including paper plates, napkins, party bags and cake stands) which retail between £4 and £10.

Just for disclosure, I was sent the kit for the purpose of the party. This post is in collaboration with Baking Mad and Talk2Mums.


  1. Your cake and cupcakes look fab! I love the Peter Rabbit theme. xx

  2. Good to see Peter Rabbit is as popular as ever with kids these days lol

  3. That is a really good baking kit and so much cheaper than you would pay for a handmade birthday cake

  4. I love the Peter Rabbits kits what gorgeous decorations - the cake looks fab and the cupcakes are super cute too.

  5. My daughter would love this baking kit. Think I should bake something with the kids this weekend.

  6. Ahhhh Peter rabbit one was pretty cute! A lovely idea tontaje them along to playgroup too

  7. Oh wow I love Betrix Potter and Peter Rabbit and this is such a gorgeous birthday set to get creative and baking with. Both and cake and cupcakes look amazing

    Laura x

  8. OMG so cute! I love Peter Rabbit and would love to throw this kind of party. I guess I need to have a kid first haha. Or maybe I can have that party with my friends for afternoon tea :)?

  9. I love Baking Mad! My daughter would adore this kit. We love baking together as a family. It looks like it turned out so perfectly and it looks beautiful. Even better that everyone loved it too! xx


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