Happy Half Birthday Isabelle!

Dearest Isabelle,
How are you 6 months old already, knowing that we have had you in our lives for half a year already seems crazy. I think this time around I'm a little more emotional, knowing that you are my last baby. Seeing you hit all of your milestones makes me so proud, but it also makes me realise that I am never going to get to see a baby do that again - well not one of my own anyway.

You have really turned into your own little person, a little girl with a serious face and real determination. The only person who can get a genuine smile from you without trying is Emily. You are still a complete daddy's girl too - but that's fine, I don't mind. I'm so proud of the milestones you have reached already, your absolutely thriving. You can sit up by yourself, pull yourself up into the sitting position and roll over. You're constantly learning new things daily, and Emily loves to teach you lots of things too. 

You seem to have slotted into our family perfectly, the final piece of the jigsaw that we didn't even know was missing. You have the sweetest, kindest personality. Full of affection and smiles - well when you want to smile. You hold your hand on our face and listen to us talk to you so intently, your sister used to do this when she was a baby too. You love books, especially the 'that's not my range'. You leave an impression on everyone you meet, strangers are constantly commenting on how beautiful your eyes are. We have a really good routine, you have a bath with your sister and go to bed by half 7 just like Emily.

Food is something that we do have a little bit of a struggle with, your not so keen on most things, but I'm sure as time goes on, you will learn to love it more. Every day we have with you is treasured, our little rainbow. I'm going to make an effort to keep documenting memories of your childhood with the hopes that you will appreciate looking back on them when you are older. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, I'm sure you will be amazing no matter what you decide to do.

lots of love, Mama. x

P.S - Emily and I made a cake for you today, kind of like a half birthday celebration and I'm so glad that you really enjoyed it.


  1. Aww Happy 6 Months Isabelle! It's so lovely that she smiles loads for Emily, my two daughters are the same :)

  2. Oh she is adorable! The 4th photo down, melted my heart :') xx

  3. Happy half birthday, Isabelle, you are a great advert for those cakes!

  4. Happy Half Birthday - we love those angel cakes with buttercream fillings. Time flies at this age x

  5. She looks like she was enjoying that cake. Happy 6 month Isabelle

  6. She's loving the cake! Happy 6th month birthday!

  7. Awww happy 6 months. She sounds like she's doing amazingly well and it also sounds like she has so much love for her sister and vice versa. The cakes look so delicious! :) It really won't be long till she's one! It's crazy how fast it goes.

  8. Oh bless her, look at her munching on her half birthday cake! She's so grown up for 6 months, and great that she's hit all her milestones! x


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