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I just want to say that I know it is recommended that you start weaning your child from 6 months. We are weaning Isabelle early, we have spoken to both the dietian and her doctor who are fine for us to go ahead.

Weaning a child with an allergy was something that actually made me feel a little anxious, I don't have any experience with weaning a child with allergies, of course, I know all about avoiding food as I have many allergies, but milk is something I thought would be quite hard to avoid. Going into it I did do lots of research first, what baby food brands would be best to try, although I do plan on making most of my puree's myself, I would like to buy her some pouches to have readily available if we are popping out for a meal or something. I was worried that I would miss something in the ingredients and I have found myself double checking packets often - but overall it hasn't actually been that bad. I found that it is so much less daunting once I got into the habit of checking.

So far I have found three brands that have been brilliant for weaning a CMPA baby, these being Piccolo, Ella's kitchen and Kiddylicious. The packaging is so clear about their ingredients, Isabelle has had the kiddylicious wafers a few times, and they even have 'dairy free' printed on the packaging - which I think is amazing.

Isabelle was diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy at around 6 weeks. I have written a post about it before so I'm not going to go into too much detail, the only thing I am going to say is the parents know best, if you are worried about your child, don't give up or be fobbed off because chances are, you are right, just like I was. Isabelle took to her formula really well for quite some time, but then her lunchtime/middle of the day bottle become a problem. She would happily take her morning and night bottles because she was too sleepy to refuse, she did kick up a little fuss but then she would admit defeat. So what do you do when your babies not drinking her milk anymore?

That's why we started weaning, Isabelle was 18 weeks when we started, so a little over four months. We will be sticking to soft puree's for the time being but I have thrown in a little baby-led weaning, as she loves to grip and reach for anything she can get her hands on. She has had toast (With dairy free Flora spread) and kiddylicious wafers which she has really enjoyed.

She has also tried, sweet potato, pears, apples, banana, carrot, and mangoes. I have been taking it slow with her and only introducing a new puree every other day, but so far she is loving life.

Since we started weaning, Isabelle seems so much happier, she is really enjoying trying new foods exploring new finger foods. I have carried on trying to give her milk at lunchtime, and although she doesn't always take it, I have been able to put it into her banana rice so she is still getting it. If you have a child with a CMPA and you are thinking of weaning, follow your instincts but also ask for a referral to a dietian, as they will be able to give you a bit of extra support and help.

We will be following up with a dietian regularly, and when Isabelle is a little older she will try the milk ladder to see how she gets on - I'm hoping that she grows out of her allergy just because I know how difficult I found it avoiding nuts, so I don't want her to be constantly worrying about avoiding dairy. Part of me would love to know she can safely divulge in chocolate without having to track down dairy free or eat cheese and yoghurts or milkshakes. I know that there are lots of alternatives out there, but have you seen how expensive they are? Instead of paying £1 for 6 yoghurts, I'm going to be paying £1.25 for two tiny yoghurts. I mean why does everything have to be so expensive?

I plan to keep up with these CMPA diary updates, just because when I tried to google for people in a similar situation there wasn't much advice on weaning, there also wasn't very many posts on other peoples experiences and I personally love reading others experiences just because it makes me feel less alone.


  1. I found weaning quite easy but I didn't have to worry about allergies when I was going through that stage with my two. I've never realised baby food has clear signs to mark allergies. That is such a wonderful idea and really helpful to parents.

  2. Aww it is so good to hear that Isabelle has been happier since weaning, fingers crossed that continues :)

  3. So glad it's going well. We did the same with our youngest, as both our children had reflux, but he was struggling to gain weight. I loved weaning - just seeing how much they loved their food was so wonderful.

  4. I don't know much about CMPA but I'm glad weaning is going well for Isabelle. We weaned Blake just before 6 months as felt he was ready and got advice from the health visitor first.

  5. I don't really know much about CMPA but it sounds like she is doing well with weaning. Such a minefield finding 'safe' foods when a child has an allergy (my eldest has them) xx

  6. I think Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys weaned a little one with a dairy allergy! She writes lots about different things you can try. Definitely have a peek. It sounds like weaning is going so well for you though! But it must be daunting having to make sure everything is good for her. x

  7. I've passed this onto my friend as this is interesting for her at the moment. My twins had a daiey allergy too, harder as you have to think about weaning more but they loved food so much and had lots of purees. We did blw too, and the packaging is so good now most things have the allergy stuff on.

  8. Glad to hear Isabelle is loving all those puree. I'm sure she has her favorite puree by now.

  9. I'm so pleased to hear she's enjoying her food. It must be tricky with an allergy so I think lots of people will find your journey really helpful

  10. The correct weaning age keeps changing anyway. When my eldest was a baby it was 12 weeks and now its 26! I weaned all mine somewhere in the middle. Looks like she is enjoying her food


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