5 Ways To Add Some Personality To Your Garden

Whatever kind of garden furniture you have, whether it be made of metal, wood or rattan direct from a quality manufacturer, adding some colour and flair is an ideal way to express your personality.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space of your own, it represents the ideal opportunity to express your own personality and character. In just the same way as decorating your home to suits your own taste, you can decorate your garden to match your own unique flair and style, ensuring that both indoors and outdoors, your home is truly your own.

Sprucing Up Our Bathroom

I've spoken about my bathroom on my blog before, and how much I loved to give it a little makeover. Recently I have found myself wanting to redo it over again. When we moved in, I painted our bathroom a lovely shade of blue and added some canvases onto the wall just to make it feel a little cosy, and while I do still like the colour - some of the decor really needs a good revamp.

Bumbo Floor Seat [Review]

The Bumbo floor seat is a product I really love, I mean really love. I had a green one when Emily was a baby, and stupidly I passed it onto another family hoping they would get lots of use out of it, after all, I wasn't sure If I would ever have another baby. When Isabelle started to want to sit up more and play with her sister, I knew that a Bumbo floor seat was exactly what I wanted to re-buy, and I really regretted not keeping Emily's Bumbo.

Elves Behavin' Badly [Brand Ambassador]

When Elves behavin' badly got in touch and asked if we would like the opportunity to work with them, of course, I said yes. Emily is now at that age where Christmas is so magical and she can't wait for Santa. Christmas is always a magical time for Children, but it's even more magical when they are this young, We have become brand ambassadors for Elves behaving badly.

CMPA Weaning Diaries [1]

I just want to say that I know it is recommended that you start weaning your child from 6 months. We are weaning Isabelle early, we have spoken to both the dietian and her doctor who are fine for us to go ahead.

Weaning a child with an allergy was something that actually made me feel a little anxious, I don't have any experience with weaning a child with allergies, of course, I know all about avoiding food as I have many allergies, but milk is something I thought would be quite hard to avoid. Going into it I did do lots of research first, what baby food brands would be best to try, although I do plan on making most of my puree's myself, I would like to buy her some pouches to have readily available if we are popping out for a meal or something. I was worried that I would miss something in the ingredients and I have found myself double checking packets often - but overall it hasn't actually been that bad. I found that it is so much less daunting once I got into the habit of checking.

Dash Cam Wish List

With Christmas coming up, I have been looking for presents for Sam, now he is one of the hardest people in my life to buy for, mainly because he already has everything he could possibly want. Sam is the type of person to just go out and buy whatever he wants rather than thinking of asking someone. The one thing he has been talking about is replacing his dash cam in his car.

Bonfire Night Firework Display [Ordinary Days]

This year was the first year that we braved it and took Emily to a firework display, something a lot of people don't know about me is I'm actually pretty scared of fireworks. It's not so much them, but the noise of them that scares me, anyway its something that I don't want to pass on to my girls. I don't want them to be scared of something because I am, and let's be honest, fireworks are really pretty.

Creative Logos The Simple Way [LogoJoy]

If you are a regular reader, I'm sure you remember the days when my blog first started and I had the most gorgeous yellow logo, that then slowly changed to the one I have now, but it really is hard not to get bored with your logo. You want something that stands out but isn't too in your face. Something memorable but not too similar to anyone else's. It can be a little bit of a minefield at the best of times.

Chocolate Sparklers

As you know if you are a regular reader, I love nothing more than doing arts, crafts and baking with Emily. Whenever there is a holiday or season change I'm digging out our arts and crafts bits to try and put together an activity for her - I have to admit it is a little harder now than it used to be, just because I have Isabelle too. With bonfire night fast approaching I wanted to create an activity that would reflect that, we have already done the fireworks painting using empty toilet roll holders, so I wanted to do something a little different.

Siblings [October 2017]

I really enjoy sitting down to write these posts, I actually think that they may be my favourite. Emily and Isabelle are still very much best friends, I'm waiting for the day they start squabbling, but it's not happened just yet. The most we have had is a little bit of hair pulling from Isabelle - but in all fairness, she is 4 months old, and Emily does love to get right in her face - nose to nose - which can be very frustrating to Isabelle as I'm sure you can understand.
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