Pumpkin Picking & Park Trips [Ordinary Days]

On Sunday, we decided that we wanted to go and get our pumpkins, last year we left it pretty late and there weren't many pumpkins left. I popped a beef casserole in the slow cooker, so we didn't need to rush home and worry about cooking dinner, and we decided that we would get up and go with the hope that we would get fairly decent pumpkins this year. I tried to look for a pumpkin patch, as I'd love nothing more than to get some cute pictures of my girls in a field full of pumpkins - but I couldn't find a local one.

Instead, we headed to our local farm shop, the same place we have been for three years in a row now. I'm actually really glad we decided to go to the same place again, as I have a picture of Sam and Emily picking pumpkins, and I've managed to get the same one every year for the past three years. It's so cute too look back on and see just how much she has grown. Emily picked out two amazing pumpkins, Which I am actually really proud of, and Isabelle slept through the majority of it. Like I am sure that most three-month-old babies would.

We have plans to carve our pumpkins closer to Halloween but I'm really not sure what design we are going for, we have had minions, minnie mouse, a witch, buzz and woody. So I'm going to have to get my thinking hat on for this year, I would really like to do a paw patrol one for Emily, as she loves paw patrol at the moment, but I'm not sure just yet. Any ideas feel free to let me know in the comments. I was pretty impressed with the prices of the pumpkins, I guess when you go to a local farm shop they usually are cheaper than a supermarket but we got two fairly large pumpkins for 99p each! 

Emily, of course, decided that the pumpkin she wanted was the one right at the bottom of the crate. She actually got inside and had a good dig around, it took Sam and I forever to actually get the pumpkin out but in fairness the one she picked is amazing! perfectly round and really orange. Isabelle woke up just before we were leaving, so I managed to get a picture of her, Emily and the pumpkins we picked which was really lovely as I'm a little bit sentimental and love to have pictures too look back on. I did forget to get a picture of me and the girls though, which is a shame but there is always next time.

Once we got back, we decided that we would take Emily to the local play park, as she had been asking to go all day, and I really don't mind spending my day sitting in a park. Emily loves going to the park with her daddy, as he will get on the slide with her, and play on the see-saw. I'm actually really glad that I managed to snap a picture of Sam and Emily on the see-saw, Sam tends to duck and hide whenever I try to take pictures of the two of them, but I really want Emily to be able to have them to look back on when she is older. While we were waiting for Sam to fill his car up with washer fluid, Emily decided that it was the perfect opportunity to play in the leaves. I'm not sure what it is about children and leaves but they just seem to love throwing them about - don't they? It was also a really good opportunity to get some beautiful candid photographs which I love.

We ended up staying at the park for well over an hour, as Emily made a little friend, and she really didn't want to come home. Isabelle had a little play in the swing and then fell asleep, so I didn't mind sitting there watching her play. Honestly, Emily could make friends with a tree given half the chance, I love that she is such a confident little girl - especially as I have such bad social anxiety which is something I've always worried about passing on to her.

We finished our day off perfectly, with a beef casserole that I had put in the slow cooker that morning, don't you just love it when you come home and your whole home is full of the smell of whatever you have been cooking. 


  1. What a lovely day. We love going pumpkin picking and are off on our second trip today to our favourite place. We need to get carving and have a little kit!

  2. Lovely pics, autumn tones are great in photos! I want to take my 3 pumpkin picking

  3. Lovely shots here. I can see the little ones had a good time.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day together. I have to admit, we haven't got a pumpkin yet. I'm not sure I can deal with the mess :(

  5. Oh what wonderful photos! I'm so jealous as we haven't made it to a pumpkin patch this year...sounds like you had a fab day x #theordinarymoments

  6. Sounds, and looks like such a lovely day was had. we havent been pumpkin picking this year and I feel like I am missing out! #TheordinaryMoments

  7. This sounds like such a lovely, seasonal day and you really cannot beat a stew or casserole from the slow cooker on a day like that. YUM! x

  8. Ahh your pumpkin photos are gorgeous!! This is my favourite part of autumn, going pumpkin picking and just enjoying time outdoors!


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