Halloween Feast

When we were making our Halloween drinks, it sparked some ideas for a little Halloween feast. I thought I would make Halloween themed food, and we have enjoyed it. Emily really enjoyed helping me and her favourite thing to make was the big pumpkin cake. I’m sure that she ate more mixture than I managed to get into the pan! So let me show you what we have been making..

One of the first things we made were these bat and pumpkin shaped gingerbread. Emily being able to cut the shapes out and then decorate them one they had cooled. I have a whole post on them, which includes the recipe, you can find that here

We brought these cakes, they were really tasty. First up was Emily's favourites, Mr Kipling French fancies which have been given a spooky Halloween make over. The French fancies cakes are orange flavoured sponge, with vanilla flavour topping, they were then covered in orange fondant. The second ones were these Mr Kipling chocolate and lime slices. We also had some Mr Kipling toffee terror wheels, and Cadbury pumpkin patch cakes. The pumpkin patch cakes, were chocolate flavoured sponge layered with an orange coloured creme, covered in milk chocolate and finished with a pumpkin decoration.

These simple chocolate treats were really simple to make. Emily made the white chocolate mice, we melted the chocolate and filled a silicone tray. The ghost chocolate was pretty easy to. I melted white and milk chocolate. Put the melted chocolate into a tray, and then add blobs of white chocolate, i used a skewer to create the shapes.

These fun shaped sandwiches were easy to create, we used some cookie cutter halloween shapes to create some of the sandwiches and then filled them with sandwich fillers. Emily refuses to eat sandwiches but if it is in a fun shape, she will eat the whole thing - toddlers hey. 

Lastly was this massive cake pumpkin that we created. I ended up using two lots of cake mixture to fill up the silicone mould. We were actually send this Lekue 3d pumpkin mould. The mould actually leaves a hole in the middle which you can then fill with sweets, or whatever you please. I also cut out a face on the pumpkin just to make it look more like a jack-o-lantern.

What do you think? I would love to know what you're favourite Halloween treat is.

 - I was sent the products for the purpose of the review, however all opinions are my own.


  1. I love all of your Halloween food! They look so child friendly and we love to cook together too.

  2. Oh wow! What a treat. All that food looks yummy! What great ideas x

  3. Wow these are some really amazing ideas. I love the idea of using the cookie cutter for sandwiches. These treats look really delicious. x

  4. Amazing idea! Love the bat sandwiches!

  5. Such yummy looking treats! I really must try cookie cutters for sandwiches for B! xo

  6. Lovely photos - as always! These treats look fab, I should really attempt to do some with Sophie as I know she would love it! X

  7. Now see these are bit more realistic and exactly how our baking attempts would turn out. Super cute!!

  8. These look great - especially your pumpkin cake! What a great idea x

  9. Oooh what fantastic ideas as always Stephanie! I love the idea of cutting same ours with a cutter I have always wanted to do that with my two but haven't ever got around to buying a cuter etc. Xxx x


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