Bump update

How far along: 26 weeks
Total weight: I'm still not sure :(
Stretch marks: I have stretch marks appearing, I still haven't managed to find a stretch mark cream/moisturiser that doesn't contain almond oil. So i'm sticking to my normal one for now.
Sleep: This week i'm really struggling with sleep, I can't seem to get comfortable, and its to hot. I feel like a whale, and my bump isn't even that big! 
Best moments this week: Finally deciding on the bedding i wanted for Baby E, and actually purchasing it! I found that making the decision was quite liberating. I might have to make these decisions more often. 
*you can find the post on baby E's bedding here.*
Miss anything: I miss having the option of having a cider with my other half at night. I'm not really a big drinker, but sometimes it's just nice to sit and have a strawberry and lime kopparberg, which i obviously can't do at the moment, makes it harder that it's nearly summer!

Is it just me or does this bump not seem to be growing?
Movement: Oh little lady doesn't stop moving, i've said it before, and ill say it again. She's going to be a little footballer!
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: To early
Symptoms: Sickness came back this week, but i think that was more because it's hot, I was tired, and worn out. I forget that I can't do as much now i'm pregnant. I really need to start taking it easier.
How do i feel: I'm feeling anxious a lot more now then I was before. I saw my midwife, and she wants me to do antenatal classes, but i am so against them. If i go to them, i'm just going to worry more then not attending. I told her I didn't want to go, and she refereed me anyway. I really don't like her :(.
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding ring on or off: on

How your baby grows
Week 26: your baby will respond to sound now and she may even move in rhythm to music.

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  1. Aw that's a bit mean of ur midwife referring u to classes u don't want to go to u don't have to go to them they just tell u same as books/ magazines anyways I only went to them for a no sit around the labour ward but u can boom tours seperatly if u want to. Xx

    1. I'm undecided whether i'm going to go or not. It makes me far to anxious thinking about it, i think i will just see how i feel near the time. x

  2. You look great Hun, I regret not going to antenatal classes, you should go and bring your partner or mum or someone with you, I would definitely go to them if we had another one :) x

    1. I don't know whether I'm going to go to them or not, at least she put me in the 1-on-1 classes, wouldn't cope with the group ones! x

  3. I love reading preggie updates :) I'm 34 weeks atm and can't sleep for love nor money! How're you coping with the summer heat? I hate it so much :( x

    1. I hate the heat! It's not my friend at all, then I have a fan but the noise keeps me awake. I can't win! Definitely wish I was pregnant over winter instead! Do you find yourself overheating all the time? I love pregnancy posts! Aww you must be excited, your due soon! Do you know what your having? xxx

    2. I love my fan, its my best friend aha! I was pregnant in the winter with my first, definitely didn't feel this awful then. I get really dizzy when I'm stood up too long, its driving me mental. Yes totally excited! I'm having another little boy :) xxx

    3. I'm a high tempered person, ADHD. The noise of the fan makes me mad, then it gets stuck in my head. Not good haha. I'm not having another after this one. I'm well & truly put off pregnancy! Aww congratulations. I'm team pink! Woho Xx

    4. Ah, blimey! Mine is on all day every day, don't know how I'd cope without it. Both my fiancé and I want 4 kids, but we're leaving at least 5 years between this one and the next! I'd love to have a little princess (called my bump "she" until the 20 week scan) but I'm really glad my little man will have a little brother :) xxx

  4. oh my gosh, your brave! 4 kiddies? aww, i knew she was a girl before my gender scan. I always called bump 'she' and picked out pink clothes, never anything blue. xx


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