Sleepyhead Deluxe [Review]

When I was pregnant with Isabelle, there were lots of different products that caught my attention, products that I wish I had when Emily was a baby - one of those being the Sleepyhead Deluxe. When Emily was a baby she really suffered from silent reflux, and due to that she always wanted to be held or be in our bed with us. I was determined that this time around that wouldn't be the case, and I wouldn't let Isabelle creep into our bed with us, or hold her all the time, after all, I would have both the girls by myself when Sam went back to work - so I needed to be able to put Isabelle down while I played with Emily. As I didn't want Emily to feel pushed out. So, I knew that a bedside crib was what I wanted with the Sleepyhead inside.

Giving A More Meaningful Gift

Gift giving is something that everyone I know does, no matter what the occasion - Birthday, Christmas, or even a new baby. While it is lovely to receive a gift, sometimes I think that the money could be used somewhere else in the world. There are a lot of countries and people who need it more, and I think as a parent it is so important to teach Emily to give back. Last year for her birthday, we let her adopt an animal. She is a massive animal lover, and it is something that she was really interested in. She loves the fact she got a little pack telling her all about her animal, and I like knowing that one day when she is bigger we will be able to tell her the importance of giving back, and the difference she made by adopting that animal.

Adjusting To Two

I had all these visions of how life with two children would be, the way we would adjust and what we would do as a family. I really wanted to venture out while Sam was on paternity leave, and do something as a family of four. After days, weeks and months of being stuck indoors unable to go out due to the horrible sickness I was suffering with during pregnancy- It's safe to say that I'm sick of the sight of our four walls. The truth is none of that has happened.

Money Saving Tips With A New Baby

Babies are expensive, more expensive than most realise at first. So I have put together a few money saving tips in case you are worried about money - because let's be honest the last thing you want to be worried about is money during the first few months of your newborn's life, you want to be enjoying that squidgy little newborn.

Diono Quantum [Review]

We were recently given the opportunity to review the Diono Quantum, and we couldn't be more excited about it. Encase you haven't heard, the Diono Quantum is a new travel system, which has been inspired by parents and designed with a little bit of everyday magic. Keeping in mind that it is the little things that make a big difference, Diono engineered a clever design feature to keep baby safe, secure and protected, meaning parents can relax and enjoy the everyday moments.
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