21 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number 2]

Due Date: June 28th, 2017

Mood: This week has been a little better, I have had a couple of days where I have felt down, but I am putting that down to the fact that I am not getting much sleep. I seem to be waking lots during the night thanks to a spooky monster keeping my toddler awake (more about that another time), and the fact I keep waking up to be sick. I'm not sure what is worse, being sick, or a upset toddler. Either way I have spent most of my time feeling exhausted, which is then leaving me feeling really down and anxious.

Baby Wish List

Since I found out I was expecting baby number two, I have been constantly trolling through the baby section of any website I stumble upon. I was excited when we had Emily, but knowing this is the last baby we will have it has made choosing everything so much more complicated. Do I pick a Moses basket or a bedside crib? What kind of colour scheme do I go with, we did all the pinks with Emily, and I feel like I’m over that this time. I seem to be swaying more towards grey, and yellow. Especially with baby E being a summer baby, I think the pop of yellow will look lovely.

Tips For Creating An Elegant Dinner Party

I have heard a lot of chatter about dinner party’s being dismissed and not happening anymore. Well I must say I really disagree with that, I often have friends over for dinner, and while it can be a task when you have toddlers, it is totally worth it. As a person who prefers to stay in, rather than venture out. I love nothing more than putting on a spread for dinner guests, playing some games, watching a film, and just being at home. If you think throwing a dinner party is complicated and stressful, let me tell you – it’s not. Hosting in your own home, in your own environment can be simple, fuss-free and easy. So here are my top tips on how to throw a stress free, but elegant dinner party.

Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review

One of the things that I have struggled with the most this pregnancy is getting comfortable enough to sleep, having hyperemesis gravidarum means there is literally no time when you don’t feel sick or want to be sick. Meaning tossing and turning at night doesn’t help, it just makes you feel even more sick. When I was pregnant with Emily we purchased a pregnancy pillow, and it was the most uncomfortable thing. The stuffing in the middle broke apart, leaving an uncomfortable gap. The other annoying thing is, you couldn’t remove the cover to wash it, cue vile baby sick smells that lead to the pillow being thrown in the bin a little while after Emily was born. A waste of money in my opinion.
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