What Emily Wore

It feels like forever since I wrote a outfit post for Emily, but as she is getting older her outfits are becoming more fun, mainly because she loves to choose her own clothes these days, and god forbid I ask her to wear anything she doesn't want to. Emily recently got this peekaboo bunny top, which she has been obsessed with. If you are a regular reader you will know just how much Emily loves her bunnies. Anything bunny related and she will happily wear it, or have it. I also thought it would make the perfect alternative Easter gift, so I had to share it with you. 

Easter Nests

With Easter fast approaching, Emily and I have been getting our bake on. I have seen some really yummy recipes and ideas floating around, such as this tasty creme egg cheesecake from taming twins. Which I really want to attempt to recreate, while I'm a food blogger, I do love to cook and bake. So I thought I would share our really simple, toddler friendly Easter Nests with you. 

25 Weeks Pregnant [Baby Number 2]

Due Date: June 28th, 2017

Mood: This week has been pretty rough, mood wise. I have been really anxious, but more so at night. Sometimes I don't even know what I am anxious about, but majority of the time it comes back to the same thing. I have so much anxiety about giving birth, my labour with Emily wasn't easy or straight forward, so that in itself is worrying. I'm also worried about leaving Emily, I have spoke about this numerous times, and it is potentially something I will blog about in more details, but I have never left Emily. So the idea of being away from her while I give birth is terrifying. I know that she is in good hands, and the person who will be watching her is a person I trust more than anyone. It's also a person who Emily has a really good relationship with. I'm just so worried about her feeling abandoned.

I Am A Mama Of Six #WeAreAllMums

This mothers day, Tommy's have launched a campaign, #WeAreAllMums. A campaign I feel strongly about getting involved in, as it is a charity so close to my heart. Tommy's is a charity that finds research into baby loss and pregnancy problems. They are running this campaign to raise awareness that even if a baby is born too soon, sleeping or miscarried, you are still a mum. 

Mother's day is fast approaching, a day I equally love and hate. While I feel so lucky to have a healthy happy toddler who shouts 'Mammmaaaaaa' a gazillion times a day, and another healthy little girl growing inside me. I always feel sad, like a part of me is missing, and it doesn't quite feel right celebrating. I think about the babies I lost, would they have been girls too? I personally can't imagine my life with 6 girls, but I am sure it would have been lots of fun, or would we have had a boy? Who knows. There are so many unanswered questions.

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