Milo & Matilda Review

Just like most parents, I love storage. We have a big unit in our lounge, that is full of Emily’s toys that we can conveniently tuck away when she isn’t playing with it. As she gets older, the more little figures and cars she seems to collect which isn’t a problem, it just means I had to look for new ways of storing them. My first idea was to purchase some little plastic tubs so she could store all the little bits in there, for a while it worked, until Emily realised she could use the plastic tubs as a stepping stool and put holes in the tubs meaning they were practically useless.

34 Week Pregnancy Update [Baby Number Two]

Due Date: June 28th, 2017

This week has been another one where I have felt extremely down, I'm not sure where its stemming from or if i'm more nervous about giving birth - or leaving Emily. Both are equally terrifying me. I saw the midwife this week, who reinforced the taking it easy, slowing down so as not to trigger labour. I feel like I've accomplished something making it this far though. Baby is still head down, pushing down which is making everything so damn uncomfortable. I literally feel as if I am going to squash her if I sit down - which I know is a silly thought.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

These double chocolate chip muffins make the perfect just out-of-the-oven treat.

Dr. Oetker recently got in touch with us to see if we would like the opportunity to work with them, you may know that Emily and I love to bake together, so of course we said yes. Anything cake related and Emily can’t wait to make it, the only problem I often have, is Emily likes to do it all by herself, she really dislikes it if you try to help her. She loves to add all the ingredients herself and even crack the eggs which can get very messy, very fast.

A Day At The Park, And Pre-Birth Feelings..

In years to come, when I look back on my blog, I want to remember the good days, that is why I guess I blog about the good times (I do try to keep it real and balanced and blog about both), but its not even about the big days out, or the fancy trips. The ones I want to remember are the ordinary boring spontaneous trips to the park. Those are the days I love and treasure the most. Yet those are the ones I tend not to share, and I have no idea why that is the case? I always take pictures of our adventures, photography is something I love, so it is natural for me to be snapping away while Emily is playing. I want to be able to look back on these moments, just like other parents, but are we putting too much pressure on ourselves to share everything on social media?
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