Milk Monster [Review & Giveaway]

We were recently given the opportunity to review a Milk Monster timer, which I honestly couldn't wait to test out. I'm always forgetting how long Isabelle's milk has been out for, and rather than risking it I end up throwing it away - which is such a waste if I'm honest. 

Summer Bucket List Recap

With the end of summer almost upon us, although it hasn't felt like summer for so long - I thought I would do a little recap of our summer bucket list as we have managed to tick off quite a few things. We didn't get them all done, because obviously I had a baby, eek. I wanted to share with you the few things that we had done, I had so much fun ticking things off, and it helped me stay more focused and rather than saying 'what shall we do this weekend' and then debating all day what we would do, we just picked something off the list, and went out to do it!

Mini Toad In The Hole #HealthyRedMeat

Finding healthy recipes that your children love isn't an easy task, it is almost as hard as getting your toddler to try a new food. I learned pretty fast that the only way to get Emily to eat vegetables was to hide them in her food - meaning we have lots of hidden veg in our casseroles or pies. What they don't know can't hurt them right?

The other thing I have found really helps is getting your child involved. Emily loves to cook and bake, whenever I head into the kitchen, it doesn't take her long to follow me and ask to help. I have also found that she is more likely to try new foods if she has helped to make it - bonus if you ask me.

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

We were recently given the opportunity to review the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, and I was really excited to see if Isabelle would like it. She has a bouncer at the moment, which she likes for about 10 minutes and then gets bored. It isn't very bright, and although it looks lovely, she just doesn't seem all that interested in it. The Infant to Toddler Rocker couldn't be more different from Isabelle's bouncer so I knew that she would love it!

Places We Would Love To Visit [Bucket List]

My girls haven't been abroad before, I want them to be old enough to appreciate and remember a holiday abroad, plus there are so many places in the UK to visit that we just haven't felt the need to venture abroad yet. I personally am not a fan of the warmer weather, I much prefer the cold but dry days - luckily for me, Sam is the same.

Emily's First Cinema Trip [Ordinary Days]

Emily's birthday was on Tuesday (12/09), and she was so excited - she couldn't wait for cake and the fact daddy is off work for a few days and I have heard about it every day. Emily's Grandad, Nanny and Bobby came to visit the weekend before, to spend time with Emily before her birthday due to the fact they live so far away Emily doesn't get to see them as often as any of us would like. Since they were down, we obviously wanted to do something special that Emily would remember. We were going to go bowling, but it is quite expensive and we have already taken Emily before so I wasn't too sure if she would enjoy it as much as last time.

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