How To Protect Your Eyes From Electronic Screens

I never know how to answer that question, is there? When I was younger I remember my grandma telling us not to sit too close to the telly else we will have square eyes, or damage our eyes. The smart ass 11-year old I was, asked the option who informed me that you can't actually damage your eyes by sitting too close to the screen, but you can damage them from watching tv for an extensive amount of time.

Elfie & Elfred Diaries [Week 1]

Dearest Emily and Isabelle,
we noticed that your mama likes to keep a blog diary of what you two get up to, and all the important things she wants to be able to look back on when you are older. We thought that we would hi-jack your mama's blog, to write a little diary post each week that we are staying with you - that way when we return to the north pole, you can come back and look at it if you miss us!
Love Elfie and Elfred x

December 1st
We arrived on Decemeber the 1st and brought with us some advent calendars! We came through our magical door, and left a little letter, and some chocolate coins as a treat. Your mama informed us of what advent calendars you would like - we brought a chocolate trolls one, a soft dough one, and then a dairy free chocolate one for Isabelle (although she is small for an advent calendar).

Christmas Pudding Crispy Cakes

There aren't many days left until Christmas, 23 days to be precise, with that in mind Emily and I have been getting in the Christmas spirit, sadly we haven't yet got our Christmas tree up. Sam is making us hold off until December 1st, which I know I will end up thanking him for, as last year we put our tree up early and I got sick of the sight of it. Anyway, we decided to create some Christmas pudding crispy cakes, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. They taste amazing too!

Siblings [November 2017]

There is nothing more in this world that I love than watching these two little girls laugh, bond, and create memories together. While they are complete best friends they couldn't be any different if they tried - they are both super happy all the time (even at like 2am much to my dislike) it's very rare that either of them isn't smiling. 

Creating Time For Me Time

Before I had children, bingo was something that I often went to with my Grandma. Stereotypical old person - she loves a good game of bingo. I have to admit, I actually enjoyed going, and sitting with her, joining in, unfortunately, I never won. Since having children I have just been so busy doing 'family things' that I haven't been able to fit in anything like going to the bingo.

Places To Visit In Thailand

A little while back I wrote a blog post about the places I would like to visit with the girls, one of those places was Thailand. Since I wrote that post I have been constantly looking at different places in Thailand to visit, different areas, and hotels, how much it would cost, what would we do? I can honestly say since researching it I have only fallen in love with the idea of visiting more. I thought I would share with you a few of the places that we have found, that we would love to visit.

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