Wedding bells, and a dress from SemSem

Me and Sam got engaged in 2013. We had hopes of marrying in December 2014, but unfortunately it didn't happen. There are a few reasons, but they are reasons that will be explained in another post. Anyway we decided that a big wedding wasn't for us, sure I wanted to be Sam's wife, but the idea of standing in front of lots of people in a big white dress saying 'I do' filled me with anxiety and dread. Since then we have been talking about eloping, just running away and saying 'I do' just as a family of three. No fancy meal, no fancy dress, no people watching, simply just a small ceremony. Since we decided that it was what we wanted to do, I have been looking around for a dress. I don't want a fancy dress, just a beautiful simple white dress.

Bullet Journal: Mama Pages

I was sitting looking at a blank screen on my laptop, while my mind was whirling with thoughts. I had a massive to do list, which was draining all of my inspiration and valuable space in my mind. The thought of having to tackle that to-do list was driving me nuts. In the end I ended up writing a to-do list and working from top to bottom. There is something so satisfying about ticking off things on your to-do list. Once I had started to tick things off my list I felt a spark of inspiration. I could do this, I could tackle this list.

Hiring A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Let's be honest. Travelling is stressful, even the most experienced traveler will have stressful moments at some point throughout their trip. Travelling with a disability brings added stress and worry, but by no means does it make it impossible. For a while now Sam and I have been toying with the idea of taking my Grandma with us on a UK holiday. We have been thinking about taking her to Great Yarmouth or Blackpool for the weekend. The only problem is there is no way she would be able to cope with all the walking, she would need a wheelchair to be able to get around which opens a whole host of problems for us. We own a fairly decent sized car, a focus, but there is no way we would be able to fit Emily's stroller and a wheelchair in there plus all our luggage. 

In Our Tuff Spot: Sand Foam

As you may know, we absolutely love sensory play, I feel like Emily gains so much from doing sensory activities and it is a great way to get her talking. Sand Foam is super easy to make as it requires just two ingredients. Sand foam makes a smooth, but grainy texture, and is great for sensory play. It is very inexpensive and easy to make, we used one tin of shaving foam which we picked up for just 40p.

A Picnic With Organix

We were recently sent some lovely snacks from Organix for Emily to try out, and what better way to test them than a picnic. We had some lovely weather on Saturday, and decided to make the most of it by visiting one of our favourite country parks, priory. We packed up a little picnic, Emily had a jam sandwich, some Organix goodies raisins, 2 Organix gingerbread men, a few cheese and lentil pinwheels and some Organix goodies puffcorn.

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