Saying Goodbye To The Dummy

When Emily was born we decided to let her have a dummy, much to the disapproval of some of her grandparents. Both me and Sam decided that if it made her happy, we were fine with her having it - no big deal. When the day come to ditch the dummy, we would manage. Well we have now reached that point; it was time to ditch the dummy. I had kind of geared myself up for this massive fight, Emily has had a dummy every night for as long as I can remember. I figured she'd miss it, kick off and we would spend our whole night constantly getting up trying to settle her. However, it was the complete opposite, she wasn't even bothered.

My First Thomas All Around Sodor

If you're a regular reader, you will know that Emily is absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Since we went to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor it has just fueled the obsession more. As Emily gets older her toys are becoming more interesting, they now move, and do so much more than they used to. She has quite the collection of Thomas toys, from wooden railway trains, to minis, take and plays, and now she has added My First Thomas all around Sodor play set.

8 Reasons I'm Enjoying The Terrible Twos!

Emily seems to have hit the terrible twos stage, and boy do we know about it. She seems to have her daddy's stubborn streak, and my temper. If you tell her no, she laughs, folds her arms, or just tells you no back. If you try to reason with her or give her time out, she just plays or lays on the floor, completely unfazed by the whole thing. While It's challenging, I am not hating this stage as much as I thought I would, I actually find it quite amusing, and sometimes I'm even a little proud of her. I know I must be crazy right? but hear me out.

A Positive Two Weeks!

It has been two weeks since I wrote my post 'I'm done'. I have been really working on myself and pushing myself to do more things that would set off my anxiety. That may sound a little strange but the only way things are going to improve is if i reach outside my comfort zone and try it. Of course I am still really anxious, but the main thing is I'm doing it! I thought I would share a little update with you, just on my mood and things that I'm super proud I have managed to achieve lately, not because I want someone to say well done, but because I know there are other people in the exact same position as me. For those people, I want to show you it can be done, and you can overcome it, slowly.

Kaya Jewellery

I'm not your stereotypical girly girl, I barely wear make up, I'm really not interested in wearing dresses or girly clothing, you will find me in just jeans and a top always. The one thing I do like is personalised jewellery. When Kaya Jewellery got in touch and asked if I would like to review a piece from their mum range, I was happy to. 

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